How Should You Communicate With Philippine Women?

Despite all the bad press against them, Filipino women have remained one of the most desired women among foreign men who want to marry traditional women, with “traditional” meaning the woman taking of the house and the men working to support the wife.

Although there are thousands of men who are married to Filipinas, there are many men out there who are still in the searching stage, although they’ve been using Filipino dating sites for two years or more. If this has been your experience, it might be that you are communicating in a way that turns of women from the Philippines instead of attracting them to you.

In this article, we will tell you about the three ways you should communicate with women from the Philippines so that they stay with you and not leave you out in the cold.

1. Don’t be “mahangin”

Mahangin literally means windy in Filipino, however, when you’re talking about a person, it actually means braggart. If there’s one thing about women from the Philippines, it is that they don’t like to be around men who are “mahangin”, for that matter, no woman regardless of her nationality ever likes to be with a man who brags too much.

Filipino women prefer to be with men who are down-to-earth and don’t make a big fuss about themselves. So, when you’re chatting with a Filipina online, make sure you’re not talking too much about yourself.

2. Don’t start the conversation with “poverty”

Despite what you may think, not all Filipino women are dirt poor. Many of then hold jobs and although their salaries might not be as high as women in the West (Filipinos typically earn $200 to $500 per month), it doesn’t mean that they have less pride and self-respect. The biggest complaint Filipino women have about foreign men is that many assume that all women in the Philippines are dirt poor and just want someone who will save them from a bad financial situation.

3. Honesty is not always the best policy

If you’re used to speaking your mind, you should be a little more careful. Filipinos are not used to feedback and will take it personally if you have a not so favorable opinion about the Philippines and Filipinos in general. There are other ways that you might be too honest, like telling a woman that she’s not the only one you’re dating online.

Although they’re aware foreign first date a lot of women at Filipina dating sites before settling for one woman, Filipinas are the jealous type and will be fuming inside if you talk about the other woman. If you have questions about a woman, go to websites that specialize in giving advice on how to date Filipino women.

In all, if you’ve been trying to Filipinas but have had no luck so far, maybe it’s time for you to take stock on how you’re communicating with these women. Even though they’re the friendliest people on Earth, they are still from a different culture and you need to communicate with them in a way that doesn’t invite trouble.

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How To Check If You’re Talking To A Real Filipino Woman Online

When it comes to dating Filipino women online, one of the most challenging things to do is checking out if a woman is real. You might be surprised to know there have been cases where a Filipino woman turned out to be NOT a woman at all. It’s either a man or a “bayot” (homosexual man) passed himself off as a member of the opposite sex. Although it doesn’t happen often, it does happen.

In this article, we will tell you the five things you can do right now to check if the lady you’re dating online is a real one.

1. Talk on the phone will chatting

While you’re chatting (and hopefully it’s a video chat), ask for her number and call her then and there. If she hesitates to give you her number, it might be that she isn’t a real woman (read: transsexual) and is afraid her voice might give her away. If she does give it to you, make sure you have a gentle tone in your voice when you talk – Filipinas are very particular about the tone of someone’s voice.

2. Write to her home address

There are two reasons why you need to write to her home address and start corresponding: One, you can use the address to get more information about her and two, you can use your letters later to prove to the government that you have a real relationship that’s been going for some time. While you can save your chat logs and print them as proof when applying for US fiance or spousal visa, what the government wants to see is snail mail correspondence because you can’t fake postmarked letters, unlike emails and chat logs.

3. Get her family’s home address

Most Filipinas actually don’t move out of their homes until they’re married. Outside of marriage, the only time Filipina women live away from their parents is when they work away from home. So, if she lives far away, ask for her parents’ address. Like her home address, you can use her parents’ address to get more information about her and her family.

4. Get help from a private investigator

Although it costs money, hiring a private investigator is one of the most effective ways to know if the woman you meet at a Filipino dating site is real. Out on the internet you will find cyber bride investigators, who will do the “meet my friend interview” for you. If the investigator you hire is any good, a fellow Filipino will be sent to meet your Filipina at her address. They will also do a background investigation using the address or addresses she gives you. Just tell your Filipina that you have a Filipino friend that you would like her to meet.

5. Check out her Facebook account

If you want to know what kind of woman she is without hiring a PI, check her Facebook account. No, don’t ask for her Facebook account directly or add her as a friend from your own FB account. Use another account and then check her profile. The good thing about many Filipino women is that they are open books on Facebook and post just about anything that happens to piss them off or make them happy, like selfies.

Want To Know About How A Philippine Girl Follow Her Man?

Are you planning to date a Filipina? If you do then you must be wondering how does a Philippine woman treats her man, regardless of race. This guide will talk about Filipino women as well as why it is a good idea to date them.

Filipinas are shy by nature, conservative and god fearing. It is because Filipinas educated at a young age to behave properly, especially around men. In fact, if a woman grow up in a conservative family, wherein tradition is important the man would have to woo the woman earnestly, and most of all prove to her family that he is the man.

If you plan to date a Filipina, you will have to walk an further mile to earn her love and trust. However, once you have captured her attention and love you will not remorse the day you met her. How does a Philippine woman treats her man, with respect, loyalty and honesty. These are the traits that Filipina are known for, and the reason why it is value dating a Filipino woman.

Philippine females treat their man with unconditional love, even in today’s generation many females would give everything for their man. You can anticipate ladies to do tasks for you, prepare your points and pay attention to your every need, even if you are not yet married. More so, when you are finally married to a Filipina, and have young children, you can anticipate them to become even more loyal and accountable. By the way, divorce is the last thing on the mind of Filipino females, even if the family situation is not favorable to her.

Dating Filipino women is not the same as dating western girls, and it is important to realize this fact. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the attitude of Filipino ladies, as many would sacrifice not just for their man but also for the sake of the family.

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Want To Learn Little Known Facts About Filipino Women?

Just like each woman from any other race, tradition and upbringing; the Filipina women are swiftly embracing modernization. Gone were the days when Filipinas were expected to stay at home to do the laundry and watch the kids. Yes, there was once a time in Philippine background when ladies were not allowed to get a job, specific their opinions freely, or choose their own spouses. Not anymore!

With the emergence of cable television TV, women’s magazines, and the internet; Filipinas are now becoming more aware of their sexuality, rights, and potentials. They have gotten out of their shells, ready to explore the world.

The internet is flooding with unrealistic descriptions about Filipino women and if you are expecting to find the traits usually connected with the cookie-cutter Filipina, you’ll most likely get disappointed.

Through all the evolution, Nevertheless, what remains is more than 100 years of cultural background. No matter how modern they get, Filipinas have monitored to retain the characteristics that their mothers’ moms have taught them.

The women in the Philippines, as well as the rest of the entire population, are known to be hospitable. They appreciate welcoming people into their lives and homes and find satisfaction in generating their guests content. They are also known for their close family ties. It is not uncommon to see a 27-year old Filipino lady even now living with her parents, or 60-year olds living in their children’s homes. Most families stay as close as possible. Family can come first. The low separation rate in the region is most likely attributed to this. One outstanding thing about the Philippines is that divorce is not allowed there. Husbands and wives stay with each other and try to find ways to go around their differences, instead of resorting to separation. Filipinas are furthermore known to be hardworking women. Their employers are usually satisfied with their work ethics. They are also very neat. Try visiting a Filipino home and you’ll most likely see a very clean and prepared space.

One peculiar thing about people in the Philippines is that, although they can get very patriotic, they are also very much into international culture. From clothing, to food, to movies, to husbands… just about everything seems better if they come from western countries, such as the United States.

It is very important to understand that Filipino ladies are diverse and unique from each other. When it comes to them, it is helpful to keep your minds open and expect to be stunned.

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Some Useful Information About Asian Girl Dating

It is a common nature of men being fascinated to women. Many men, in general, have liking towards girls belonging to various descents. However most men have developed a special interest for Asian girl dating in particular and the reasons for this special attraction towards Asian girls is an unclear mystery.

Quite a few guys are getting increasingly obsessed with Asian women and there are numerous reasons for this fascination. Some prefer these girls for their heritage and tradition some get attracted because of their unique eyes, some are enthralled because of their milky skin, and there is quite a long list of these varied choices. Even though more and more people are obsessed with these girls, dating Asian girls is a unique art which most men still have not mastered.

One regular mistake that many guys do when attempting to come close to an Asian girl is that they guess that Asian girls fail to chat in fluent English. This is in fact a wrong supposition. Trying to act extremely clever and over smart with girls by having such untruthful assumptions is viewed to be quite insulting and unpleasant. The reality is that almost all Asian girls know the language very well and are as fluent as a native speaker is.

Another important aspect that guys need to remember when dating Asian girls is that the roots of their soil and motherland matter a lot to them and any kind of offending to this aspect may lead to the date being abruptly ended with the girls carrying a feeling that the man they were dating is completely dumb and uncultured.

Every type of culture has its own limitations in this world and Asian culture is no exception for this fact. Before actually planning for dating Asian girls, it is very vital that the men gain the considerable amount of knowledge about the girls with respect to their culture, food, tastes etc. This helps in quickly and easily getting closer to the girl you like.

It is always good to be frank and sincere with the girls by letting them know that there is nothing or very little that men know about their culture instead of trying to lie to them in this regard. This will only spoil the relationship.

Asian girl dating is not a great or tough task. They too are as normal as girls of other nationalities are. The only disparity with respect to Asian girls is that they belong to a completely diverse descent and like everybody they would be pleased with anybody who values their traditions as much they value their own traditions.

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