Can Anyone Give Me Some Information About Some Hotels in Iloilo City, Philippines?

Can anyone give me some information about some hotels in Iloilo City, Philippines?

Throngs of people are coming to Iloilo City for a number of reasons. Some want to witness the city’s grandiose festivals, such as the Dinagyang or Paraw Regatta. Others make time to visit family and friends, and see for themselves some of the city’s most magnificent, and oldest structures. Business people are in the city, too, to attend conventions, seminars, and events.

Iloilo, Philippines
Iloilo, Philippines

Regardless of whether you are in Iloilo for business or pleasure , you will need a place to stay, and you will not be disappointed as there are many choices of hotels, pension houses, inns, and boarding houses (that offer transient accommodations) to suit one’s lifestyle and budget.

Among the finest and more established hotels in Iloilo City are:

1) Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center. A four-star hotel located at General Luna Street, Iloilo City, Sarabia Manor and Convention Center, is the biggest hotel in Iloilo City, with 187 air-conditioned rooms, all equipped with internet access, TV, and refrigerator, just to name a few. There’s a kiddie pool and adult pool, and several function halls in Sarabia Manor that can accommodate up to 1,200 persons. There are several restaurants, too, that specialize in Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Filipino cuisines. Sarabia Manor Hotel has been named “Best Hotel” on two occasions, one in the year 2000, and the second time in 2006.

2) Hotel Del Rio. A Spanish European inspired hotel located in Molo, Iloilo City, Hotel Del Rio is one of the more reliable and frequented hotels in the city. It has 60 air-conditioned rooms, each with plasma TV, refrigerator, telephone, and wifi-access. It has a small kidney-shaped pool overlooking the scenic Iloilo River.

3) Days Hotel. Days Hotel is located at the fourth floor of the Atrium Mall, right in the heart of Iloilo City. It has 70 air-conditioned rooms, carpeted flooring, a restaurant, function rooms, a spa and gym. Days Hotel may be a bit pricier than the other hotels in Iloilo City, but the fact that it’s accessible to almost everything makes it all worthwhile.

4) Amigo Terrace Hotel. Amigo Terrace Hotel, along Iznart Street (a business street), Iloilo City, has just completed a major renovation, and has re-established itself as one of the best hotels in the city. Major attractions are the Amigo Terrace Arcade, the restaurant, and the boutiques and shops found within the hotel itself.

There’s also a shortlist of business class hotels in the city:

1) Grand Dame Hotel. The Grand Dame Hotel is conveniently located in LaPaz, Iloilo City, just across the LaPaz Public Market. It’s a boutique hotel with only 35 rooms, but is quite well known because of the Emilion Restaurant that sits on the third floor of the hotel, offering lunch and dinner buffet.

2) The Iloilo Grand Hotel. The Iloilo Grand Hotel is an imposing structure in front of the Central Market in downtown Iloilo. It has 110 rooms and many large function rooms that are often used as venues for meetings, conferences, seminars, and conventions.

3) Century 21 Hotel. Century 21 Hotel along Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City, has one of the lowest room rates, starting at only P825.00 (for single occupancy). It has 63 air-conditioned rooms and several KTV rooms, and a restaurant .

Hotels at Smallville Complex:

Right inside the Smallville complex (a party place, no less!) in the district of Mandurriao, Iloilo City (a business district) are three-star hotels such as:

1) Iloilo Business Hotel. The first hotel to have opened in Smallville, Iloilo Business Hotel has 60 rooms, all air-conditioned, and with LCD cable TV, refrigerator, minibar, and wifi access. The hotel is also noted for its delicious buffet dinners.

2) Westown Hotel. Westown Hotel is located just across Iloilo Business Hotel. This four-storey hotel has 90 air-conditioned rooms, a KTV and billiards hall, several function rooms and a swimming pool.

3) Smallville 21 Hotel. The newest hotel to have opened in Smallville Complex, Smallville 21 Hotel boasts of 60 air-conditioned rooms, all affordably priced, and KTV rooms, where friends and guests can jam the whole night.

For the budget-conscious, there are several budget hotels to choose from:

1) Iloilo Midtown Hotel. The Iloilo Midtown Hotel at Yulo Street, Iloilo City, is a popular choice not only because of its very affordable rates, but also because of its restaurant which specializes in Chinese dishes.

2) River Queen Hotel. River Queen Hotel along Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City (beside the Iloilo River) is an old hotel in Iloilo City. It’s one of the oldest, in fact, but still reliable.

Notwithstanding your budget, it is always wise to read reviews of hotels in Iloilo City from credible sources. Make time to visit the hotel’s website, if it has one, and try to read up on what others are saying about it. True, you may only be needing a place to sleep in, but surely you will want to be comfortable and happy while you are in Iloilo City, the City of Love!

What’s the difference between the Philippines and Thailand?

Many people say the Philippines is just like Thailand. Perhaps, it’s because Filipinos and Thais have similar physical attributes; or maybe because the pollution, as well as the traffic situation in both countries, is more or less the same. The similarities do not end there, surely, but there, too, are many aspects in which you can say that the Philippines is not Thailand and Thailand is not the Philippines.

What's the difference between the Philippines and Thailand?
What’s the difference between the Philippines and Thailand?

For one thing, Thailand is a lot bigger than the Philippines in terms of land area but while there are only around 67 million people living in Thailand, there are close to 105 million people living in the Philippines. The population growth rate of Thailand is only .4%, while the Philippines’ is 1.87%.

The Philippines has a rather colorful history in the sense that it was under foreign rule for long time before it gained its independence. The Philippines was in the hands of the Spanish for three centuries, which pretty much explains why many street names and Filipino family names are in Spanish, and why the Philippines is predominantly Catholic. The country was also under American influence for about 50 years. Thailand, meanwhile, was never under such influences, European or American.

It is quite easier to get by in the Philippines because of the fact that Filipinos can speak and understand the English language better than Thais. You don’t need to carry a Filipino dictionary with you when traveling to the Philippines at all, although of course, that is really up to you if you want to learn a few Filipino words. But Thailand, being tourist-friendly, will always have someone close by who can translate your language to Thai or Thai language to English.

There’s a world of difference between Filipino food and Thai food, too. A food blogger describes Filipino food in two ways; one it is “food for the crazy”, and second it is “food for the lazy”. Take for instance “Kare-Kare” which has to be cooked bland and then eaten with salty “bagoong” (a pasty condiment made of shrimp), or “adobo” which you just put in all the ingredients together and simply wait till everything is cooked. Generally, Filipino dishes are delicious, but heavy on the stomach, more so since they are best eaten with rice (and not just one serving of rice, mind you!). Thai foods, on the other hand, are “herbilicious”. They come with a distinct herby scent and taste.

When it comes to dating, it’s hard to say who are better, Thai women or Filipino women. Eventually, one’s choice depends on one’s personal preference. Both are beautiful, without a doubt. Thai women, though, are more aggressive, and perhaps because of the foods they eat, have a distinct scent that lots of men find attractive. Filipino women are charming and they often are good conversationalists.

Both the Philippines and Thailand are a haven for tourists. Both countries boast of world class travel destinations and tour packages in all budget sizes. It would be an incredibly wonderful thing if you can visit both countries at different times and see for yourself what’s the difference between Philippines and Thailand. (Link to this article:

What is needed to prepare for a Philippines trip?

The Philippines boasts of many beautiful sceneries and fun things to do. It’s important to know what to bring with you to make your vacation in this tropical island worth remembering!

Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

A primary consideration when preparing for your Philippines trip is timing. Any time is a good time to visit the Philippines, actually, but if you’re like most tourists who enjoy the beach, you will prefer to go during the merry months of March up to May. The climate can be excruciatingly hot at the start of summer, so you must come prepared for the sudden change in temperature. It will be a good idea to climatize yourself first, allowing your body to adapt to the hot temperature before heading off to the great outdoors. If you’re going to the Philippines at this time of year, you must bring along sun protection cream, a wide-brimmed hat, and dark sunglasses with UV protection. You will want to avoid wearing black or dark-colored shirts as they could make it feel a lot hotter. And since you will most certainly want to capture the moments, pack your digital camera along, as well.

June to December are rainy months. If you’re goin around this time, make sure to bring a mosquito repellant (DEET-Free, no less!) to ward off mosquitoes which multiply during the rainy season. Although it does get cooler from December to mid-February, the temperature does not go down to freezing point levels (or near freezing point levels). Nevertheless, bringing long-sleeved shirts will be sensible.

If you are going to visit relatives and friends in the Philippines, or if you are “meeting the parents” of your fiancee for the first time, do bring a little something to give to them. In Filipino, it’s called “pasalubong”. Big or small, “pasalubongs” are always appreciated.

You must have Philippine money to spend in the Philippines. And the good thing is, if you come from countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom, your dollar goes a long way in the Philippines. Needless to say, you will spend much of your money basically on food (and mind you, the Philippines is noted for delicious food!), transportation, and tours.

You must be in pretty good shape to enjoy all the offerings of the country. You’ll be eating a lot, walking a lot, laughing a lot, and you certainly cannot afford sniffles to dampen your Philippines vacation. So a few weeks before the schedule, work it out to give your immune system an etra boost.

It’s always wise to plan your itinerary well, especially if you only have a few days. You can get help on the internet when it comes to affordable bookings and accomodation, and popular tourist destinations. And remember, always check for weather updates. If you don’t know yet, weather conditions are quite erratic in the Philippines, so do take the time to check for weather updates on the internet before leaving your home country.

So what else is needed to prepare for a trip in the Philippines? Your heart, that’s what! Why, because you will definitely fall in love with this wonderful tropical country.

Visit the Philippines now and discover all its beaches. You will surely enjoy it and have fun (guaranteed!). It may even be one of the best vacation holiday in your life. So, go to the Philippines for your next trip! (Link to this article:

Butterfly Farm in Bohol, Philippines

When you think about a butterfly centre you might think it would be boring, but believe me this place was fantastic. A real surprise – you can visit a place called Flying Colours in Bohol in the Philippines.

This was my first ever visit to a butterfly centre, what was it like? To get in you pay 35 Philippine Pesos, less than 1 $US so that was fine. You get a guided tour a local lady shows you the caterpillars and butterflies and takes you round, she can also help you take photos.

Once you enter you first see the caterpillars – they are living in glass boxes eating away until they turn into cocoons. Some of the green caterpillars are quite big and you can hold them. Then there is a box with those in cocoons and finally they become butterflies and you can see the process happening live – after a couple of weeks suddenly that caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Quite amazing really. Photos are completely allowed and you can get snap happy!

We are then shown how big the largest moth is, and how large the biggest butterfly in The Philippines is. These are dead insects which have been preserved in a box. A few funny photo opportunities with butterfly wings follow…

The last section of your tour at the centre will be outside where you can see and hold lots of butterflies. Different colours are here too. This is a place worth seeing and the travelling lifestyle will make you enjoy it more.

What? A butterfly centre called Flying Colours

Where can I find it? In Bohol in the Philippines

Best way to reach it? You can hire a car or a bike if you want but basically just get a driver and a day tour of Bohol!

How much is it? 35 Pesos (Philippine)

Nationalities Met – Philippeno

To read more stuff like Flying Colours Butterfly Centre head to Jonny Blair’s global site on a lifestyle of travel for more travel stories and tips.. This article, Butterfly Farm in Bohol, Philippines has free reprint rights.