How To Marry A Filipina: Getting A Filipina To Marry You

You might be wondering if there are easy ways how to marry a Filipina. You happen to be attracted to a Filipino woman’s rather dark complexion and chinita eyes, and you know for sure that there are outstanding qualities beyond these physical features. But you have to understand that marrying a Filipina is not “a walk in the park”, as the saying goes.

Marry a Filipina woman!
Marry a Filipina woman!

If you want a Filipino woman for a wife, here are some ways you can get her to marry you:

Be friends with her first. Making an effort to be friends with a Filipina will eventually earn her trust. You know, Filipino women can be doubtful of your intentions at first, and they can be extremely calculating as well. They will certainly want to be sure they are getting married for the right reasons and to the right man, no less. So how do you become friends with one? Well, you can do it on your own or through a common friend. You may have more difficulty doing it on your own, though, so getting a friend who’s friends with a Filipino woman will be wiser.

Understand her culture, customs and traditions by heart. The Philippines has a rich and colorful culture, a combination of Spanish, Mexican, and American. The Filipino people are basically family-oriented. Many of them live with their parents in their old age. Retirement homes are not very popular in this beautiful tropical country, so if you want to marry a Filipina, you must be ready to face the fact that her parents may come to live with you or you (and your wife) may come to live with her parents. Filipinos are generally hospitable, too, and generous, but don’t abuse it.

Accept and love her family. Once you have struck friendship with a Filipino woman, make time to visit her often, and make sure to bring a little something for each of the members of her family. If you live across the miles, at least make some effort to communicate to her and her loved ones constantly.

Respect her faith. Majority of Filipino women are Catholics or Christians. If you happen to have a different religion, learn to respect what she believes in.

Respect her. Many Filipino women consider sex as sacred. Many of them will want to wait until they are married before sleeping with their boyfriend. You have to respect this; do not rush her if she is not ready to sleep with you. Remember, patience always brings forth rewards.

Make her feel special. Surprise her with gifts, letters, and wonderful messages, and any other thing you can think of.

Propose. You cannot marry a Filipina without first making a proposal. But plan your proposal well. Don’t attempt to propose when the timing is not right or when you are not ready yourself. The proposal does not have to be grand or anything but it has to be meaningful and done from the bottom of your heart.

Be patient. Expect to wait a little more time before the actual wedding takes place. Many Filipino women prefer a long engagement. Usually, it’s going to be a wedding in church, with a full entourage and reception at a restaurant. Family and friends will be there, including those friends of the Filipina’s parents, so be prepared for that, as well.

How to marry a Filipina may seem like a long list, but when you love her enough, you’ll find the whole process fun and exciting.

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