Why White Male and Asian Female Relationships Are So Criticized?

These days it is no longer uncommon to see couples of different cultures holding hands or even displaying their affection publicly in Philippine parks, tourist destinations, beaches, malls, and just about anywhere. While the Philippines is still by a large a conservative country, it does not prohibit relationships or marriages between a White male and an Asian female.

Still, for a lot of people, the sight of a White male and an Asian female together is “awkward-looking”. Even to this day, there are still people who criticize white male and Asian female relationships for several reasons:

1) Physically, one could say that they are a mismatch. White males are tall with most of them reaching 5 feet 10 inches, while Asian women (such as Filipino women, for one) stand at 5 feet and 2 inches only (on the average). Apart from that, White guys are exactly that – white, while Asian women (Filipinos and Thais, that is) have brown complexion or olive skin-tone.

2) There is also the idea that white guys are rich, having come from a well-developed country like the United States, for instance, and that Asian women are after them for their Green Card. But this is not true in all circumstances, of course.

3) Many White guys may have been led to believe that Asian women are naive. They think that Asian women are at their beck and call, that they can do whatever they want with their women.

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Well, people can say all sorts of nasty stuff about this White guy-Asian female relationship, but true love can really exist and blossom between them because love, after all, knows no boundaries. Admittedly, though, it can be quite a challenge for both parties, considering:

1) Cultural Differences. Americans tend to be more independent in their way of thinking and living. They are liberated and unafraid to say what’s in their mind. Asian women, like the Filipinos, are conservative and shy by nature. They value their family greatly so much so that many Filipino women still live with their parents and grandparents under the same roof! To a Filipina, what her family thinks matters a lot. Asian women also value marriage, hence they will stick to their man, come rain, hale, or sun. White guys, on the other hand, can just easily dump their girl for no particular reason at all. Divorce in the US is rampant.

2) Communication barriers. The Philippines tops the list of Asian countries where its people are able to communicate in English very well, but in other countries, like Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and China, speaking English is quite a struggle. White guys who want to go into a relationship with these Asian women will need to know how to tear down this barrier.

3) Religious differences. Asian women are very passionate about their religion, regardless of whether it’s Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, and so on. So if you are thinking of dating an Asian woman, it may be incredibly bad taste to talk about religion or worse, criticize her religion.

A relationship between a white male and an Asian woman should not be frowned upon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting into a relationship with a foreigner. And, really, no relationship is ever perfect to begin with, is there?

The thing to remember is to be sincere when you want to have a relationship with an Asian women. If you are, you can make everything work out, against all odds, as the saying goes. Besides, Asian women are smart, fun, and loving people. It will be such a waste if you will only play around with their feelings.  

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Why Are Thai And Filipina Women Always Compared?

One cannot help but compare a Thai woman with a Filipina. The reason is that they possess basically the same physical features.  In so far as the physical attributes are concerned, the similarities between them are incredible. In fact, if you simply look at photographs of a Thai woman and Filipino woman, you would find it difficult to say which is which. A  Thai woman in a group picture with Filipino women would not  be easy to spot. The same can be said of a Filipino woman in a group picture with Thai girls. Unless you make time to look very closely, you will not see that Thai women are skinnier with high cheekbones and smaller eyes, and Filipino women are shorter, rounder, and curvier.

Thai and Filipino women are also compared with each other more often because both attract foreign guys like ants to a molehill. Both Thai and Filipino women have dark or brown skin and silky black hair, which make them attractive to Foreign men. Not only that, being Asians, they are petite and not “big- boned” unlike Western women. This probably gives White guys the impression that Asian women are vulnerable, someone they would love to take care of. It builds up their ego. But if white guys think that they can fool Thai and Filipino women, they are mistaken. Because generally, Asian women are smart and not at all gullible. They are not frail, either, or sickly even. So white guys, beware!

For a Western guy looking to marry an Asian woman, comparing Thai and Filipino women could help them make a wise decision. Of course, this comparison is not intended to make one look better than the other, but knowing their similarities and differences could help the white guy see which one appeals to him more in the long run.

Thai women versus Filipino women on matters of religion

Both Thai women and Filipino women are deeply religious, with the former embracing Buddhism, and the latter, the Catholic religion. Thai women bow down when they pass by Buddhist temples  to show their respect and reverence to their God. In their homes is designated a special place where they can hold religious ceremonies and rituals in honor of the spirits. Filipino women, on the other hand, being Catholics, express their faith by going to church on holy days, bringing a rosary wherever they go, and having or putting up religious statues and artifacts in their homes. If these Asian women indeed live their faith, you can be sure that they will make great partners and great mothers to your children.

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Thai women versus Filipino women: English Communication Skills

Another important area of comparison that will have an impact on a Western guy’s choice is English proficiency. Communication plays a huge role in building and maintaining relationships, after all. It is one thing to be able to adapt to a foreign culture (which both Thai and Filipino women can without a problem, I’m sure!), but another thing to be able to communicate well, to express ideas and thoughts in English and to understand the English language as well. For Filipinos, this is not a problem, either, having been under American rule for time. Indeed, most Filipinos, even those in far-flung areas, have the ability to speak and understand English. But sadly, the same cannot be said of many Thai women.

Why are Thai and Filipina women always compared? In the end, it does not really matter which one you will fall in love with. Remember that not all Thai and Filipino women will fit the general description here. Each one of us is unique and our uniqueness makes us beautiful in our own right.

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Advantages of Marrying Asian Women – Would You Marry an Asian Woman?

Other than being the largest continent in the world, Asia is home to many beautiful women. Their beauty transcends from their inner soul to their physical appearance. Many will agree that Asian women are women of substance. Apart from this, what is the advantage of Asian women in marriage?

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Many men who have been married to their Asian better half will attest and guarantee faithfulness from Asian women. Maybe this is because of their religious aspect. Probably, this is because Asian women have grown in a family oriented environment.

Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure. When an Asian woman says “I do”, she means it. This is her way of telling the whole world that from then on, she does not mind submitting herself to her husband and that she wants to create a family of her own.

Aside from this, Asian women can be a combination of someone who knows how to do the chores and someone who is independent. They can juggle career and family life and still maintain the balance. Asian women can cook. And when they cook, they pour their love. That is why the husbands of these women feel so lucky to have married with them. They are great mothers. They show love and affection to their children as much as they give their husbands. At work, they contribute greatly. They can prove and achieve a lot of things as a career person but they will never overshadow their husbands.

If one will analyze all of these, the bottom line is “What is the advantage of Asian women in marriage?” The answer to this question is actually simple. Asian women can be selfless for the people they love and care about. Asian women prioritizes their family without losing their identity. Asian women know how to sacrifice for the children they dearly love and for the husbands they promised to be with for the rest of their lives.

In the years to come, men across the world who intend to marry Asian women are making a great decision. One can be guaranteed. In their marriage with any Asian woman, they will never regret any second.

Some Useful Information About Asian Girl Dating

It is a common nature of men being fascinated to women. Many men, in general, have liking towards girls belonging to various descents. However most men have developed a special interest for Asian girl dating in particular and the reasons for this special attraction towards Asian girls is an unclear mystery.

Quite a few guys are getting increasingly obsessed with Asian women and there are numerous reasons for this fascination. Some prefer these girls for their heritage and tradition some get attracted because of their unique eyes, some are enthralled because of their milky skin, and there is quite a long list of these varied choices. Even though more and more people are obsessed with these girls, dating Asian girls is a unique art which most men still have not mastered.

One regular mistake that many guys do when attempting to come close to an Asian girl is that they guess that Asian girls fail to chat in fluent English. This is in fact a wrong supposition. Trying to act extremely clever and over smart with girls by having such untruthful assumptions is viewed to be quite insulting and unpleasant. The reality is that almost all Asian girls know the language very well and are as fluent as a native speaker is.

Another important aspect that guys need to remember when dating Asian girls is that the roots of their soil and motherland matter a lot to them and any kind of offending to this aspect may lead to the date being abruptly ended with the girls carrying a feeling that the man they were dating is completely dumb and uncultured.

Every type of culture has its own limitations in this world and Asian culture is no exception for this fact. Before actually planning for dating Asian girls, it is very vital that the men gain the considerable amount of knowledge about the girls with respect to their culture, food, tastes etc. This helps in quickly and easily getting closer to the girl you like.

It is always good to be frank and sincere with the girls by letting them know that there is nothing or very little that men know about their culture instead of trying to lie to them in this regard. This will only spoil the relationship.

Asian girl dating is not a great or tough task. They too are as normal as girls of other nationalities are. The only disparity with respect to Asian girls is that they belong to a completely diverse descent and like everybody they would be pleased with anybody who values their traditions as much they value their own traditions.

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Chinese Girls Provide Beauty Unlike Many Others

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are Chinese girls. These women have lived in a culture that prizes delicate beauty. Throughout Asian history, the idea of the perfect beauty is having pale skin, long silky black hair, a delicate figure and small feet.

Asian girls prize their thin waiflike bodies and their delicate looks. The paler the skin the better so many Asian women will not come out during the day and if they do, they will walk around with a parasol that will help to shade their skin from the sun. Women have not been treated like equal citizens in the history of China.

It is well known that the birth of daughters is not prized in the culture of China and therefore; Asian women are at a disadvantage. Traditionally, when the women had grown up to a child bearing age, she would be given in marriage to a man and this entailed a bride price. The more beautiful she was, the higher the bride price would be. The bride price consisted of jewels, money or livestock and land. The women would move into her husband’s home and take on his name. The female child would have been trained from birth on how to be the perfect wife and mother to her husband’s family.

There are many traditional dances that stem from religious rituals that are performed by women today. One in particular is called the sleeve dance. It is a dance where the performer is wearing a traditional dress with extremely long sleeves. The dance requires strength in the arms of the dancer because it involves intricate manipulation of the sleeves to make it a true art.

It has wide and long sleeves. These sleeves must cover the hands of the wearer. In fact, there is a traditional dance that uses the sleeves called the sleeve dance. Of course the sleeves are much longer than normal, and it takes a lot of strength because they have to be manipulated.

Due to the practice of binding the feet of girls in order to make sure that the feet of a woman was small and dainty, women used to wear lotus shoes. These shoes are elaborately decorated by means of embroidery. It is a con or sheath shaped shoe that resembles the lotus bud.

They are made from either cotton or silk and are usually small enough to fit into the hand. These are made in bright colors and sometimes there are heels that are fitted to the back. These are no longer worn by women because foot binding was outlawed in the 1950s.

A perfect wife was soft, delicate and beautiful. She would remain silent if possible and demure and subjective at all times. She was the ultimate support to her husband and his family. If Chinese girls bore the family a son, they were then viewed as an asset to the family as well as her own family. The concept of equality had not been introduced to this society until later in the 20th century.

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