Back Pack Or Suit Case?

Booking your holiday and arranging what to clothes to bring with you on your vacation would all depend on what type of luggage you intend to take with you on your trip. Generally there are two options, the first would be a suitcase the other a back pack. Some people have strong opinions on both types but neither is right or wrong just personal choice.

Passengers who travel using back packs tend to like them as this type of luggage allows them to use their hands while their luggage is on their backs. No need to watch over the luggage piece on the floor in airport or railway lounges. Also means you can use your free hands to take photos when out and about or if you wish to call someone you can do so without the need to be looking out for your suitcase. One of the big disadvantages would the sheer weight of the pack on your back. One of the main difficulties of carrying around this type of luggage would be that you can not see what is behind you or who and if you hit them with your back pack as you try to go through the gates of London underground for example. Anyone travelling on a bus from the airport into town may have trouble trying to find a seat for them and their luggage.

A suitcase is the most common type of baggage to use when going on holiday. They are perfect to use as they come in different colours and styles to suit your personality. Planes are now equipped to allow passengers to carry their small cabin suitcases onto the plane with them when they are travelling as a small allowance for each passenger is agreed when booking. Carrying your luggage onto the plane is ideal for short breaks or business trips as travellers don’t need to wait around for their luggage coming off the carousel. Another fab thing in its favour is the practical use of the suitcase especially if it is on four wheels as the case will glide easily through the concourse. One major down side to the cases though are they are tricky to carry upstairs or on escalators at airports or train stations.

Passengers have their own theory about back packs and suitcases and which one is the best for travelling. Packs tend to be used by students as opposed to suitcases. Where as families and business tend to use cases and feel they are treated a bit better upon arrival at airports and hotels.

Travellers are unsure during the day what to place their items when on holiday. A shoulder bag could be used as this can be worn either over your shoulder or across your shoulder and front. Some people may find this uncomfortable on their necks if the bag is weighed down with sun lotions, water etc. You may consider a small bag pack which may solve your problem of neck pains as the weight will be distributed over your back and shoulders and also holds a lot.

You decide on what type you prefer and also take into account what type of holiday you have booked. The choice is yours at the end of the day. can be visited here.

Places Of Interest Around Bournemouth

The south of England has some of the most specular scenery in the UK. A popular resort for sunbathing in the area is a town called Bournemouth. In the summer months this resort is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

When you arrive in Bournemouth you will be delighted at how much it resembles an English seaside resort. Long golden sandy beaches which stretch for miles along a promenade which goes as far as the eyes can see. The town itself can offer so much to the tourist including sports , recreation and lots of good quality shops. Rainy days don’t matter here either as you can visit some of the museums or Oceanarium or head over to the water park for the many slides which are available to you.

Along the coast visitors will find the fishing port or Poole which can be easily be reached by public transport or your rental car. Try a day out at the Poole pottery where you paint a pot or purchase some of the great designs on display. There is a lovely harbour and quayside with lots to do during the summer months such as a fire work display and street events. Head over to the park where there is plenty to keep the youngsters amused all day.

Across the bay from Poole you can hop on a ferry for quickness over to Swanage. This is a pretty little village with a Victorian style prom and lots of little amusements for the children which you can find at the front of the seaside.

There are lots of places of interest to visit along this rugged coast line which will have something to please for everyone.

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Transport Options Available At Luton

Mention in conversation to friends and family that you are going on holiday to the United Kingdom and immediately everyone asks if you are going to London. They will ask this question as most flights land at any one of the five major airports within the capital. Planning your trip before arriving into London and you will be able to make sure you see the best sights for your amount of time spent in the city.

There are a number of different options for arriving or departing from the airport which include trains . The airport has a number of different train stations which can be used to reach the city centre which include the Airport Parkway line. There is a frequent service from the airport into the city and the station is opened 24 hours a day making transport a bit easier for passengers.

Passengers have a number of different options available to them with regards to train stations options. The platforms are located close to the airport and can be reached very quickly once they leave the terminal building. Luton town centre itself can be reached very quickly for those passengers who are staying overnight before heading off the next day to continue their onward journey.

Buses and bikes are other options if you prefer. They are terrific options if you happen to stay local and wish to reach the airport under your own steam. Most of the cycle paths are now traffic free and are a great way to keep fit on your way to work at the airport.

Last but not least is an option to rent a vehicle from the airport. Passengers are also allowed to return their rented cars to the airport even although they may not have rented them from here by paying a one way one off fee to the company. Anyone collecting their car from the terminal can make their way over to the rental desk and then produce their documents to the branch staff.

Anyone who is travelling with a passenger who has special needs can relax as there are airport facilities to cater for their needs. Contact the airport’s customer service before you arrive to arrange any service for your relative such as wheelchair access or help with a passenger who has visual disability. Which ever transport option you prefer there are plenty of choices for you to select.

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Visitor Tips On London

Planning your first trip to London can be an exciting event to look forward too. There is so much to see in this city that never sleeps between historic sights and shows and evenings out in bars and clubs you will be hard pushed to see everything on your first visit.

London City Airport has good direct transport choices into town with the help of the Light Rail System which normally takes about twenty minutes from the airport to Bank Station which is in the Financial District. Rail tickets can be bought direct from the station before you travel into the city.

The Metro is an ideal way to travel around this large city. Maps are available at each station showing travellers the coloured co-ordinated routes which all pass through the main tourists sites. You may need to switch destinations at stations in order to continue your journey around London. The change over stations are located on the map by circles around the area, please remember that the trains run from early morning until late evening.

You may be tempted to walk and view as many sites as you can. This is fine if you only have a small area to cover but as the city is huge you will be better off on the underground as this is a quick and easy way around the centre. There are plenty of buses which are frequent and regonsible by the bright red colour. Tickets can be purchased by inserting coins into a machine which is situated at the bus stops. Remember that the buses may be slow around the inner part of the city around the tourist sights due to the amount of traffic on the roads.

A trip would not be complete here without taking in a show. The west end of London is a special place to go in the evening as all the events are lit up and large crowds gather around Covent Garden area to enjoy the street artists and a glass of wine at one of the many pubs in the area.

The most visited sights within the first zone are normally the London Eye and the South Bank area as there is lots going on in this part such as the London Dungeons new event and the play park and street vendors.

The city can be pricey to visit but with a little forward thinking planning you can pick up vouchers and discount leaflets giving you money off certain venues which makes the trip a little more affordable.

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Pets And Devon A Good Holiday Choice

Along the English coast you will find a popular resort called Devon and Cornwall. There are many pretty villages in this area which not only caters for children but animals too. There are endless beaches with crashing waves onto the shore which everyone appears to love while walking there dogs. With a lot of nature footpaths which can lead you to almost anywhere is a big hit with one and all.

A train and boat ride away from Dartmoor will lead you down to here with its navy connections and quaint town centre you can easily wallow a few hours sight seeing and travelling back in time to view the Tudor buildings and architecture. Take a stroll down the paths and you will easily find yourself by a little village pub with facilities for dogs or just chatting away to the local shop keepers. Dogs are very welcome here whether in the shop or beside a pub.

Fair to say that Devon beaches even in the cool winter months can offer a respite for a dog and their owner. A number of beaches may have their own restricted areas when you are walking your dog in the summer mainly due to the high level of tourists but the autumn through to spring months take on a whole different look during those months when the visitor levels are down. Dogs will love the crashing waves and little coves which appear all over this rugged landscape.

There are plenty of friendly dog accommodation around this area and indeed all over the Devon and Cornwall coast line. Plenty of opportunity to stay over night at the weekend or if you have the time to spend one or two weeks then there is ample of pet friendly accommodation.

The local coastal pubs are quaint around this rugged coast line and are most enjoyable in the summer with their beer gardens enabling you to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine with you four legged friend. In the winter time the pub will take on a different atmosphere with mainly locals going for a pub drink and sitting by the warm coal fire reminiscing about the good old days. Your dog will be most welcome to come and sit by the fire offering comfort to those around .

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