Driving Trips Require An Emergency Kit

A professional mechanic has thousands of dollars invested in hand tools because he or she has to repair virtually any part of any car. Having the correct, appropriate as well as specific tool simply allows them to work faster, more easily and efficiently and at the end of their workday at their garage or auto dealership make more money.

Yet to more than one vehicle owner it seems like Sherwood Forest out there with Robin Hood et all around the corner to grab your cash. However in the case of most amateur mechanics and vehicle owners they need to have only the tools to fix a handful of cars – two or three family vehicles in most cases. Since in most cases speed of repair time is not the primary concern – most can do with a somewhat minimal however not as limited as they would think – auto tool kit. At the worst ,with the several vehicles most families own now , you have a good buffer of time to go out auto shopping for . You should not be at the mercy or mercies of a high pressure “professional” auto salesperson or dealership.

If you do own winter tire chains, it is best to keep them in your car’s trunk , or in the case of a pick up truck “toolbox” or in your truck’s or Sport Utility Vehicles’ passenger or storage compartment areas, throughout the entire winter time period. Stow a four by four plastic tarp near the chains, and perhaps an old blanket as well to kneel on, in case you are forced to install or remove your own.

Carry an old towel as well, in these situations and regards, since installing tire chains can be a most wet and dirty job. A word of seasoned advice, from a professional driver well knowledgeable about roads and automotive repairs is that if you have never accomplished this task, under duress, then you may well want to practice ahead of time on a dry day in the comfort of your driveway, or perhaps in a parking lot on a quiet Sunday afternoon. You might even want to keep your tire chains easily stored away in an old duffel or gym back. Old hockey bags are great for this purpose. This way they are easily spotted in a pinch and well will not be a nuisance either in your trunk, or truck storage areas.

Lastly and interestingly one of the most versatile and important items in the bottom of your auto and household tool kit can be duct tape – the grey fabric with the stick-to-anything adhesive. In an emergency duct-tape can patch or hold up any of a variety of things. More than one car, truck or SUV has limped many many miles or kilometers into a service station, garage or auto dealership with a ruptured water hose held temporarily together with simple Canadian tire duct tape. A few strips can hold your trunk lid closed, if it is over loaded or even if the trunk latch itself is broken. You can even make the letters for a simple yet effective “Help ” sign that is readily visible at night – safety and emergency means – with this solid performer due to duct tapes highly visible light reflecting qualities.