Why Americans And Other Foreigners Love To Marry Filipinas As Their Wife And Partner?

Indeed, what is it with Filipinas that Americans and other foreigners love to make them their partners for life?

Besides possessing attractive physical features (brown skin, silky black hair, lovely chinita eyes, curvaceous and rounder figure), Filipina women are said to make good wives.

The reasons could be as follows:

1) Filipina women are religious. The Philippines is largely a Catholic nation and most Filipinos, especially the women, make time to attend church service on Sunday and on holy days of obligation, and pray the Rosary every day. Being religious, Filipino women value the teachings of the church especially when it comes to love, marriage, and relationship. Being religious, Filipino women are forgiving, and will do everything to keep their marriage, even if they have been bruised and hurt many times already. But of course, this should not be a reason for foreigners to abuse their Filipino wives because a woman can only take so much. While indeed they are forgiving, they are not stupid. And this brings us to the second reason why Americans and other foreigners love to marry Filipinas.

2) Filipina women are smart. Most Filipinas are educated and smart. They can manage a home as well as the family’s finances. What more can a guy ask for, right? Moreover, and this brings us to the third reason why Americans love to marry a Filipino women …

3) Her family is a Filipino woman’s priority. This is another good reason why Americans and other foreigners love to marry Filipinas as their wife and partner. A Filipina wife will do everything in her power for her family. Even if she is a career person herself, she will make time in order to facilitate the needs of her family first before her own needs. Before she leaves for work, she will make sure that there’s food on the table for her kids, and that her husband’s clothes are readied. Essentially, a Filipina woman’s motto is family first before self.

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4) Filipino women are good communicators. Having been under American rule for a time, the ability to speak and understand English is one thing that sets Filipino women from their Asian counterparts, like the Thais, for instance. Filipino women are among the best communicators out there, so the language barrier is not one of those you will have to worry about greatly. More importantly, they understand the language of the heart.

5) Cultural differences. Cultural differences can be a barrier to any relationship, but they can make any relationship interesting as well. As far as culture is concerned, the Philippines and America are like day and night. For example, in America, people leave their homes to live independently when they turn 18. You don’t often see the same situation in the Philippines. In many Filipino homes, you will see several generations living under the same roof. In America, most people live together even if they are not yet married; in the Philippines, many still consider pre-marital sex and living together a taboo. In America, time is gold; in the Philippines, there is something that’s called “Filipino Time”, which means things don’t always start on time! It will take time and many challenges to fuse these cultural differences to benefit both parties, but for Americans and foreigners determined to marry Filipinas, this can be a pretty exciting period in their lives.

6) Filipino women are sweet and loving. Most Filipino women are malambing (soft spoken) and reserved, complementing the Western guy’s rather loud ways. Filipina women are also loving beings and this they show in a variety of ways that foreigners love.

Physically, white guys and Filipino women make an interesting pair. Where the former is white, the latter is morena (brown-skinned); and while the white guy is more than six feet tall, the Filipino woman is only 5 feet and 2 inches on the average. But these differences do not stop white guys from pursuing a relationship with a Filipino women. After all there are plenty of other reasons why Americans and other foreigners love to marry Filipinas as their wife and partner that go beyond skin deep.

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How Should You Communicate With Philippine Women?

Despite all the bad press against them, Filipino women have remained one of the most desired women among foreign men who want to marry traditional women, with “traditional” meaning the woman taking of the house and the men working to support the wife.

Although there are thousands of men who are married to Filipinas, there are many men out there who are still in the searching stage, although they’ve been using Filipino dating sites for two years or more. If this has been your experience, it might be that you are communicating in a way that turns of women from the Philippines instead of attracting them to you.

In this article, we will tell you about the three ways you should communicate with women from the Philippines so that they stay with you and not leave you out in the cold.

1. Don’t be “mahangin”

Mahangin literally means windy in Filipino, however, when you’re talking about a person, it actually means braggart. If there’s one thing about women from the Philippines, it is that they don’t like to be around men who are “mahangin”, for that matter, no woman regardless of her nationality ever likes to be with a man who brags too much.

Filipino women prefer to be with men who are down-to-earth and don’t make a big fuss about themselves. So, when you’re chatting with a Filipina online, make sure you’re not talking too much about yourself.

2. Don’t start the conversation with “poverty”

Despite what you may think, not all Filipino women are dirt poor. Many of then hold jobs and although their salaries might not be as high as women in the West (Filipinos typically earn $200 to $500 per month), it doesn’t mean that they have less pride and self-respect. The biggest complaint Filipino women have about foreign men is that many assume that all women in the Philippines are dirt poor and just want someone who will save them from a bad financial situation.

3. Honesty is not always the best policy

If you’re used to speaking your mind, you should be a little more careful. Filipinos are not used to feedback and will take it personally if you have a not so favorable opinion about the Philippines and Filipinos in general. There are other ways that you might be too honest, like telling a woman that she’s not the only one you’re dating online.

Although they’re aware foreign first date a lot of women at Filipina dating sites before settling for one woman, Filipinas are the jealous type and will be fuming inside if you talk about the other woman. If you have questions about a woman, go to websites that specialize in giving advice on how to date Filipino women.

In all, if you’ve been trying to Filipinas but have had no luck so far, maybe it’s time for you to take stock on how you’re communicating with these women. Even though they’re the friendliest people on Earth, they are still from a different culture and you need to communicate with them in a way that doesn’t invite trouble.

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How To Check If You’re Talking To A Real Filipino Woman Online

When it comes to dating Filipino women online, one of the most challenging things to do is checking out if a woman is real. You might be surprised to know there have been cases where a Filipino woman turned out to be NOT a woman at all. It’s either a man or a “bayot” (homosexual man) passed himself off as a member of the opposite sex. Although it doesn’t happen often, it does happen.

In this article, we will tell you the five things you can do right now to check if the lady you’re dating online is a real one.

1. Talk on the phone will chatting

While you’re chatting (and hopefully it’s a video chat), ask for her number and call her then and there. If she hesitates to give you her number, it might be that she isn’t a real woman (read: transsexual) and is afraid her voice might give her away. If she does give it to you, make sure you have a gentle tone in your voice when you talk – Filipinas are very particular about the tone of someone’s voice.

2. Write to her home address

There are two reasons why you need to write to her home address and start corresponding: One, you can use the address to get more information about her and two, you can use your letters later to prove to the government that you have a real relationship that’s been going for some time. While you can save your chat logs and print them as proof when applying for US fiance or spousal visa, what the government wants to see is snail mail correspondence because you can’t fake postmarked letters, unlike emails and chat logs.

3. Get her family’s home address

Most Filipinas actually don’t move out of their homes until they’re married. Outside of marriage, the only time Filipina women live away from their parents is when they work away from home. So, if she lives far away, ask for her parents’ address. Like her home address, you can use her parents’ address to get more information about her and her family.

4. Get help from a private investigator

Although it costs money, hiring a private investigator is one of the most effective ways to know if the woman you meet at a Filipino dating site is real. Out on the internet you will find cyber bride investigators, who will do the “meet my friend interview” for you. If the investigator you hire is any good, a fellow Filipino will be sent to meet your Filipina at her address. They will also do a background investigation using the address or addresses she gives you. Just tell your Filipina that you have a Filipino friend that you would like her to meet.

5. Check out her Facebook account

If you want to know what kind of woman she is without hiring a PI, check her Facebook account. No, don’t ask for her Facebook account directly or add her as a friend from your own FB account. Use another account and then check her profile. The good thing about many Filipino women is that they are open books on Facebook and post just about anything that happens to piss them off or make them happy, like selfies.

What should an American guy do to start courting a woman from the Philippines?

It may be easy for an American guy to be attracted to a woman from the Philippines, but getting her to fall in love with you may be far easier said than done. There are many barriers to courting a Filipina and these conflicts have to be dealt with properly if you want a serious, long, and lasting relationship.

Filipino American Sam Milby with Filipina Judy Ann Santos
Filipino American Sam Milby with Filipina Judy Ann Santos (TV Series “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”)

Among the major issues are the differences in culture, the very thing that defines a country. Culture is what’s unique to a particular country, so it’s definitely a huge challenge to break through this barrier.  Although you are not expected to adapt yourself to the Filipino culture, you need to, at the very least, respect it. But first of all, you must familiarize yourself with the Filipino culture. That only makes sense, doesn’t it? What is the FIlipino culture, and how does it differ from the American culture?

Going over some materials on the web, you’ll discover that generally, Filipino women:

1)  are very attached to their families. It’s often the case that even married Filipinos still live under one roof with their families. So when planning to court a Filipino girl, expect to involve her family in the entire process. Get to know, not only her, but her siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, and so on.

2) are religious.  The Philipines is, by and large, a Catholic nation. So don’t be surprised if the woman you want to date is Catholic. If that’s the case, and you’re not, just be sure to show respect to her religious beliefs. And even if you feel strongly about your religion, don’t force her to change hers.

3) have a deep respect for the elderly. Americans usually call the elderly by their first names, but Filipinos regard them with more respect. If you are “meeting the parents” for the first time, address the mom and dad as “Ma’am” and “Sir”, respectively. A more formal approach is to call them Mrs. or Mr. so and so, but don’t talk to them on a first-name basis, unless that’s what they really want.

4) are conservative. Western influences may be apparent in the way modern Filipinas dress and act, but many Filipinas are still pretty much conservative. So don’t criticize or don’t be turned off when you see your Filipino girl not in a revealing outfit. And don’t expect that your first date will end up in bed as that is not very likely to happen.

There are also communication barriers that you need to address if you want to start courting a woman from the Philippines. Filipinas are generally educated and smart people, and many of them, in fact, have strong English communication skills, but always give due consideration to the fact that Filipino is still her primary language.

Keeping these in mind, you need to show utmost sincerity to the Filipino woman of your dreams. If are meeting online, it is important that you keep this up, but it is just as important to make time and effort to meet her and her family personally. True, America is miles away from the Philippines, and you’ll be needing a lot of money for plane fare, little souvenirs for everyone, and other essentials, but going through such trouble is one of the ways you can prove that you really are sincere.

An American guy has to be true to her, as well as to himself. Don’t play around with her dreams because her dreams represent her future. If you think you can fool her with false promises and lies, don’t expect you can simply get away with it. The Filipina woman does not deserve to fall victim to such an act. And remember, there is such as thing as bad karma, so if you want to start courting a woman from the Philippines, make sure that your intentions are pure, to begin with.