How Is It Like For A Foreigner Marrying A Filipino Girl?

Foreigners searching for Filipina brides need to  know that the process of marrying a Filipina\ is not at all a bed of roses. Indeed, there are many barriers, many challenges to be encountered along the way, and one has to be really serious to go through all these and pursue his one true goal of marrying a Filipina woman.

Just exactly what lies ahead?

If you don’t have friends who can introduce you to their Filipino friends, take advantage of technology, and start your search with Filipino dating sites online.  There are tons of such out there which feature thousands of profiles of Filipina women.  Then again, poring over these profiles can eat much of your time, can it  not? So what’s a guy got to do (or not to do?)  

First of all, make sure you land on a credible Filipino dating site. This you can do by making a simple search on the internet, and joining forums and getting the opinions of other members. If you believe you have found the right site,  do as the site requires – post your most recent and decent photo and build your  profile. There are sites that automatically does a profile match to shortcut the choosing process, so it is important  to be honest when describing yourself, and of saying what you are exactly looking for in a girl.

When you think you have found the right girl, get to know her properly.  Pursue her online and offline. Spend hours talking to her and make time to get to know her close friends and family. Keep in mind that Filipino women are family-oriented. They value their family, and we are not talking about just the immediate family here, mind you. If you want to marry a Filipina, be prepared to accept the possibility of dealing with her entire clan as well.

Make an effort to visit the Philippines and meet her personally and her family. If you are serious in asking for her hand in marriage, do it the Filipino way. It can be costly to fly to the Philippines to do this, but that is one way the girl’s family can be sure your intentions are sincere.

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It is safe to assure that you will be taking your Filipina girl with you, but how soon can you do that? If you plan to have your wedding here in the Philippines, you will not be able to bring the girl with you back to the United States till after about a year or so, and you will need to accomplish the necessary paper works before that can happen. A faster way to get your girl to the US with you is to get her a fiance VISA then get married within 3 months in your homeland.

Regardless, you will have to plan for your actual wedding, and for any Filipina woman, that is always the most fun and exciting part. A lavish wedding is not necessary, but your girl and her family will surely want to be wed before a priest (since most Filipinos are Catholics) or a minister as the case may be. If you’re going to have your wedding in the Philippines, be prepared to find a lot of people in your guest list and the reception! Be prepared to serve lots of food, too! There has to be plenty for everyone to eat.

It’s not a “piece of cake”, isn’t it? But the rewards of marrying a Filipina are great, as you must have heard from countless of white guys who decided to marry a Filipina. That’s because the nature of the Filipina woman being strong, loyal, faithful, dedicated, and loving, makes her a good wife and a good mother to your children.

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Do Filipino Girls Get Jealous Too Easily?

Jealousy is an  emotion that can be defined in various ways,  but in a relationship, jealousy is a sign of feeling insecure or fear of losing someone you love deeply to a third party. Now, there are different reasons why a girl would nurse such feelings, but surely, these reasons would not have anything to do with being a Filipina (or not).

But what does necessitate the question, in the first place? Why would it matter for anyone, presumably a foreigner, if a Filipino girl gets jealous too easily or not? It could be that the foreigner does not want a jealous girlfriend or it could also be that the foreigner wants to have his girl’s full attention and he is wondering how hard it would be to make her feel jealous so he could have his love and affection. This is something called “reverse psychology” which can work to one’s benefit or against.

At a certain level, jealousy can be healthy and even necessary for a relationship to survive, but too much jealousy can ruin a relationship, and so knowing what makes a Filipina girl jealous can help you get out of a sticky situation. So what would make a Filipina girl jealous?

1) Not spending quality time with her. No girl in a relationship would want to be left all by herself for long. Indeed, what’s the point of being in a relationship when you can’t be together most of the time, right? It’s pretty normal for any girl to be jealous when a guy prefers to do something else with his friends (or with another girl in particular) to being with her, more so if that’s not the case when the relationship started.

2) Not remembering important occasions. Filipino girls are not after material things, but it gives them joy if the love of their life are able to surprise them with “little” gifts on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other important events.

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3) Not keeping your word. If you say something, mean it. Not doing something you promised to do will spark some negative feelings. If you have made plans to go out, see a movie, take a leisure walk, go to the mall or something, don’t break your plans at the last minute.

4) Looking at another girl when you’re with her. Indeed, what girl would like it when you shift your attention to another girl while you’re together? That gives the impression that you are not interested in her.

5) Entertaining calls and text messages while being with her. Unless it is an emergency, taking calls or sending or receiving text messages are absolute no-nos when you are out on a date with a girl you’re serious with.

But of course, there are limits to all these. You must not let the girl control your life, either. Even though you are in a relationship, and really, it does not matter if you’re with a Filipina or a Western girl, or some other Asian woman, you must not lose your own personality. While you may want to give your girlfriend your undivided attention, keep in mind that doing so will not work all the time. Eventually, you will want to have some “me” time, too, and so will your girlfriend. In your utmost desire to please her and not to make her feel jealous in any way, you may end up forgetting your own self, and that is not good either. The thing is, you must know how to balance yourself so will still become whole and not broken, in love and not fall out of love.

So do Filipino girls get jealous easily? So what if they do, right? You now know how to tame her heart with these tips!

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What should an American guy do to start courting a woman from the Philippines?

It may be easy for an American guy to be attracted to a woman from the Philippines, but getting her to fall in love with you may be far easier said than done. There are many barriers to courting a Filipina and these conflicts have to be dealt with properly if you want a serious, long, and lasting relationship.

Filipino American Sam Milby with Filipina Judy Ann Santos
Filipino American Sam Milby with Filipina Judy Ann Santos (TV Series “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”)

Among the major issues are the differences in culture, the very thing that defines a country. Culture is what’s unique to a particular country, so it’s definitely a huge challenge to break through this barrier.  Although you are not expected to adapt yourself to the Filipino culture, you need to, at the very least, respect it. But first of all, you must familiarize yourself with the Filipino culture. That only makes sense, doesn’t it? What is the FIlipino culture, and how does it differ from the American culture?

Going over some materials on the web, you’ll discover that generally, Filipino women:

1)  are very attached to their families. It’s often the case that even married Filipinos still live under one roof with their families. So when planning to court a Filipino girl, expect to involve her family in the entire process. Get to know, not only her, but her siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, and so on.

2) are religious.  The Philipines is, by and large, a Catholic nation. So don’t be surprised if the woman you want to date is Catholic. If that’s the case, and you’re not, just be sure to show respect to her religious beliefs. And even if you feel strongly about your religion, don’t force her to change hers.

3) have a deep respect for the elderly. Americans usually call the elderly by their first names, but Filipinos regard them with more respect. If you are “meeting the parents” for the first time, address the mom and dad as “Ma’am” and “Sir”, respectively. A more formal approach is to call them Mrs. or Mr. so and so, but don’t talk to them on a first-name basis, unless that’s what they really want.

4) are conservative. Western influences may be apparent in the way modern Filipinas dress and act, but many Filipinas are still pretty much conservative. So don’t criticize or don’t be turned off when you see your Filipino girl not in a revealing outfit. And don’t expect that your first date will end up in bed as that is not very likely to happen.

There are also communication barriers that you need to address if you want to start courting a woman from the Philippines. Filipinas are generally educated and smart people, and many of them, in fact, have strong English communication skills, but always give due consideration to the fact that Filipino is still her primary language.

Keeping these in mind, you need to show utmost sincerity to the Filipino woman of your dreams. If are meeting online, it is important that you keep this up, but it is just as important to make time and effort to meet her and her family personally. True, America is miles away from the Philippines, and you’ll be needing a lot of money for plane fare, little souvenirs for everyone, and other essentials, but going through such trouble is one of the ways you can prove that you really are sincere.

An American guy has to be true to her, as well as to himself. Don’t play around with her dreams because her dreams represent her future. If you think you can fool her with false promises and lies, don’t expect you can simply get away with it. The Filipina woman does not deserve to fall victim to such an act. And remember, there is such as thing as bad karma, so if you want to start courting a woman from the Philippines, make sure that your intentions are pure, to begin with.