What Do Filipino Women Look For in a Man?

Filipino women have varied tastes when it comes to men. If you think they all go for the “tall, dark, and handsome” guy, think again. For lots of Filipino women, it’s more important that their men have brains and good character. So, if you want to better your chances with a Filipino women, make sure you have some, if not all of these qualities:

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1) Smart. This does not mean you have to be bookish or geeky. You don’t even  have to be a genius to get a Filipino girl’s attention (although, so what if you are, right? That can work to your favor if you know how to play your cards right). But to a Filipino woman, it’s important that you have enough common sense. To her, that’s being smart.

2) Funny. Who doesn’t want a man who can make a woman laugh out loud? If you have what it takes to tickle her funny bones, you stand a great chance of winning her heart. But if being funny does not come naturally to you, don’t try too hard. That can be a huge turn-off. Well, of course it doesn’t mean, you can’t try to be funny at all. Some jokes can be learned, after all, but don’t sound as if you have copy-pasted your lines from somewhere. You have to deliver them spontaneously and naturally. For many Filipino women,guys who are funny are sexy.

3) Romantic. Yes, you have to show off your romantic side if you want to get serious with a Filipino woman. Some Filipino women love their men to be “fearless” when showing their love and affection, but others hate public displays of affection. Either way, you have to let your woman know that you think of her constantly. Now, this is where your creativity will show. You can send her love messages, surprise her with visits and little gifts, and so on.

4) Independent. Filipino women are not damsels in distress; nonetheless, they would certainly want their men to be independent, men who could stand on their own feet, men who could defend them, men who could be their partners in raising a family. It goes to say that men pursuing Filipino women must be financially stable and emotionally mature.

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5) Respectful. Respect is a virtue that’s highly regarded and desired in a country like the Philippines. Respect can be shown in different ways:

* addressing the elderly accordingly
* calling people by their names
* dressing appropriately
* not forcing your girl to do what only you want under the circumstances
* not saying mean things but instead criticisizing constructively
* not abusive of one’s own body (doesn’t drink or smoke excessively)
* does not hurt, physically and emotionally, his girl

6) Doesn’t gamble. Gambling can reduce one’s fortune in seconds. The gambler will not stop until all the family’s fortune is lost. Filipino women who think about their future will not want to go into a relationship with a gambler.

7) Family-oriented. Filipino women are by nature family-oriented. They value their family more than anything in the world. If you want a Filipina for a wife, you must not only learn to embrace and welcome her family (her parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and so on) but be ready also of the responsibilities that come with being a husband to her. You must make your family with her your priority. Spend quality time with her and your children with her. And always see to it that their needs (financial and otherwise) are met fully.

8) God-Fearing. Many Filipino women are raised as Catholics, hence they are God-fearing, and as such they would wish the men in their life to be God-fearing also. Even if you are not a Catholic, do show your respect to her religion while practicing your own faith.

So, do you think you have all these qualities that Filipino women look for in a man? Well, then, start looking for a Filipina woman who can give more meaning to your life.

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Why Americans And Other Foreigners Love To Marry Filipinas As Their Wife And Partner?

Indeed, what is it with Filipinas that Americans and other foreigners love to make them their partners for life?

Besides possessing attractive physical features (brown skin, silky black hair, lovely chinita eyes, curvaceous and rounder figure), Filipina women are said to make good wives.

The reasons could be as follows:

1) Filipina women are religious. The Philippines is largely a Catholic nation and most Filipinos, especially the women, make time to attend church service on Sunday and on holy days of obligation, and pray the Rosary every day. Being religious, Filipino women value the teachings of the church especially when it comes to love, marriage, and relationship. Being religious, Filipino women are forgiving, and will do everything to keep their marriage, even if they have been bruised and hurt many times already. But of course, this should not be a reason for foreigners to abuse their Filipino wives because a woman can only take so much. While indeed they are forgiving, they are not stupid. And this brings us to the second reason why Americans and other foreigners love to marry Filipinas.

2) Filipina women are smart. Most Filipinas are educated and smart. They can manage a home as well as the family’s finances. What more can a guy ask for, right? Moreover, and this brings us to the third reason why Americans love to marry a Filipino women …

3) Her family is a Filipino woman’s priority. This is another good reason why Americans and other foreigners love to marry Filipinas as their wife and partner. A Filipina wife will do everything in her power for her family. Even if she is a career person herself, she will make time in order to facilitate the needs of her family first before her own needs. Before she leaves for work, she will make sure that there’s food on the table for her kids, and that her husband’s clothes are readied. Essentially, a Filipina woman’s motto is family first before self.

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4) Filipino women are good communicators. Having been under American rule for a time, the ability to speak and understand English is one thing that sets Filipino women from their Asian counterparts, like the Thais, for instance. Filipino women are among the best communicators out there, so the language barrier is not one of those you will have to worry about greatly. More importantly, they understand the language of the heart.

5) Cultural differences. Cultural differences can be a barrier to any relationship, but they can make any relationship interesting as well. As far as culture is concerned, the Philippines and America are like day and night. For example, in America, people leave their homes to live independently when they turn 18. You don’t often see the same situation in the Philippines. In many Filipino homes, you will see several generations living under the same roof. In America, most people live together even if they are not yet married; in the Philippines, many still consider pre-marital sex and living together a taboo. In America, time is gold; in the Philippines, there is something that’s called “Filipino Time”, which means things don’t always start on time! It will take time and many challenges to fuse these cultural differences to benefit both parties, but for Americans and foreigners determined to marry Filipinas, this can be a pretty exciting period in their lives.

6) Filipino women are sweet and loving. Most Filipino women are malambing (soft spoken) and reserved, complementing the Western guy’s rather loud ways. Filipina women are also loving beings and this they show in a variety of ways that foreigners love.

Physically, white guys and Filipino women make an interesting pair. Where the former is white, the latter is morena (brown-skinned); and while the white guy is more than six feet tall, the Filipino woman is only 5 feet and 2 inches on the average. But these differences do not stop white guys from pursuing a relationship with a Filipino women. After all there are plenty of other reasons why Americans and other foreigners love to marry Filipinas as their wife and partner that go beyond skin deep.

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12 Tips For A Foreigner Who Want To Marry A Filipino Woman

Amidst cultural differences, many foreigners end up with a Filipino woman for a wife. And many of those successfully married to a Filipina will tell you what a wonderful experience it has been for them. If you  want  to follow their lead and hope to live happily ever after.

Here are 12 tips for a foreigner who want to  marry a Filipino woman:

1) Get the right connections to the girl’s heart. A big thing to keep in mind is that Filipino women are generally conservative and shy. So it’s always a good idea to find a common friend  to make the introductions first before proceeding with your next moves.

2) Make the right impression. Filipino women may not be very particular with physical appearances but they will want their partners to  look neat and clean at the very least. Make an effort to shave and comb your hair when you plan to meet her, especially if it’s for the first time. And don’t forget to wear an anti-perspirant, too. You really wouldn’t want her to smell a dozen rotten guavas on your first date, would you?

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3) Be the perfect gentlemen. With all the advancements in technology, this might sound so oldish. But for a Filipina woman, there’s nothing archaic with opening the door for her, pulling out a chair for her, guiding her across the street, and so on. But don’t spoil her too much. It’s one thing to be treated like a lady, and another thing to be treated like a baby.

4) Woo her. Courtship, Filipino style, is still very much alive in the hearts of Filipina women. This means she will not readily take you as her boyfriend the moment you lay eyes on each other. You must woo her with flowers, small gifts, and little acts of kindness, until her heart warms up to you.

5) Have a job. Financial stability is important to a Filipino women. The Filipino girl you want to marry will want to  feel secure that you  can provide for her and your family’s needs. So if you’re out of job for one reason or another, work on your eligibility so you can find a higher paying or more stable job.

6) Get to know her family. Keep in mind that Filipinos generally give much importance to their family. If you must know, many Filipinas who are already beyond the legal age, still live with their parents. So if you want to marry a Filipino woman, make an effort to be close with her family as well.

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7) Visit her  in her hometown. If you really  love her and are serious enough to marry her, you will not mind crossing the miles to visit her in her hometown and watch her history unfolding before your very eyes.

8) Throw an engagement party with or minus the fanfare. An engagement  party is a celebration of love, and a means for the girl’s family to see your sincerity in marrying their little girl. You can do it with trumpet blasts or as much fanfare as you can afford, or you can choose to  keep it simple but intimate. Regardless, doing this will make you feel closer to the family.

9) Be thoughtful. Show her you think about her in many wonderful ways, such as send her a text message, an email, or call her during important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, and even at times she least expect it.

10) Prepare the necessary travel and/or marriage documents. It will be a lot easier to bring your girl to your home country when her a fiancee visa first instead of marrying her right here in the Philippines then taking her back to your country. Regardless, there are papers to be filled out and submitted to the  right agencies, so  make sure you have all these ready.

11) Respect her religion. The Philippines is, by and large, a Catholic country, so if your girl is indeed Catholic (and you’re not), respect the fact that she may not want to get married unless if it is a Catholic wedding ceremony.  

12) Love her with all your heart. What’s a marriage without love, right? For Filipino women love is very important than physical attraction. Don’t go into a relationship with a Filipino woman if your heart is only half-baked,  else you’ll just end up hurting her.

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How Should You Communicate With Philippine Women?

Despite all the bad press against them, Filipino women have remained one of the most desired women among foreign men who want to marry traditional women, with “traditional” meaning the woman taking of the house and the men working to support the wife.

Although there are thousands of men who are married to Filipinas, there are many men out there who are still in the searching stage, although they’ve been using Filipino dating sites for two years or more. If this has been your experience, it might be that you are communicating in a way that turns of women from the Philippines instead of attracting them to you.

In this article, we will tell you about the three ways you should communicate with women from the Philippines so that they stay with you and not leave you out in the cold.

1. Don’t be “mahangin”

Mahangin literally means windy in Filipino, however, when you’re talking about a person, it actually means braggart. If there’s one thing about women from the Philippines, it is that they don’t like to be around men who are “mahangin”, for that matter, no woman regardless of her nationality ever likes to be with a man who brags too much.

Filipino women prefer to be with men who are down-to-earth and don’t make a big fuss about themselves. So, when you’re chatting with a Filipina online, make sure you’re not talking too much about yourself.

2. Don’t start the conversation with “poverty”

Despite what you may think, not all Filipino women are dirt poor. Many of then hold jobs and although their salaries might not be as high as women in the West (Filipinos typically earn $200 to $500 per month), it doesn’t mean that they have less pride and self-respect. The biggest complaint Filipino women have about foreign men is that many assume that all women in the Philippines are dirt poor and just want someone who will save them from a bad financial situation.

3. Honesty is not always the best policy

If you’re used to speaking your mind, you should be a little more careful. Filipinos are not used to feedback and will take it personally if you have a not so favorable opinion about the Philippines and Filipinos in general. There are other ways that you might be too honest, like telling a woman that she’s not the only one you’re dating online.

Although they’re aware foreign first date a lot of women at Filipina dating sites before settling for one woman, Filipinas are the jealous type and will be fuming inside if you talk about the other woman. If you have questions about a woman, go to websites that specialize in giving advice on how to date Filipino women.

In all, if you’ve been trying to Filipinas but have had no luck so far, maybe it’s time for you to take stock on how you’re communicating with these women. Even though they’re the friendliest people on Earth, they are still from a different culture and you need to communicate with them in a way that doesn’t invite trouble.

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True or False: Filipino Women Generally Make Great Partners and Know How to Treat a Man?

It  seems funny how the statement is made to sound like it’s a test question in social science. But, truth  be told, Filipino women generally do make great partners and, yes, they very well know how to treat a man, as well.

Maybe it is because it is in the very nature of Filipino women to be nurturing. Or maybe it is also because Filipinos generally are family-oriented. Only in the Philippines can you find several generations of families still living under one roof, or in the same compound at the very least.. Indeed that’s how close their family ties are.

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Filipinos consider their families as their strongest support group. Values are learned and developed from this smallest unit of society. It is here where they learn and experience being loved and how to love in return. This is where they learn values of respect and patience, values that keep a relationship solid and strong, and values that they carry with them when they grow up and get into a relationship.

Why Filipino women generally make great partners and know how to treat a man is also because of the nature of Filipinos to be hospitable. Yes, hospitality is a key trait of Filipinos, and it’s something that’s known all over the world. Indeed, Filipinos give their visitors the red carpet treatment. They prepare the best foods, lay down their best utensils, pull down their new curtains, offer them the best room in the house. Filipinos go the extra mile to make sure that their guests are well-fed and happy. If that’s how they treat their houseguests, how much more the men in their life?

Filipinos are brought up to be God-fearing and religious. Their faith teaches them that marriage is sacred, and adultery a big sin. Although western influences and modernization have influenced the way Filipinos live their married life, many still remain faithful to their vows. Things are not always smooth-sailing, of course, but because Filipinos believe that marriage is meant to last a lifetime, they try their best to save their marriage at all cost.

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So, exactly what can you expect when you have a Filipino woman for a partner? In a nutshell:

1) Career person or not, you can expect her to take care of your needs, like cook for you, prepare the things you need for work, etc. You can depend on her to keep the house clean and organized, and the children taken cared of as well.
2) She will eagerly await you when you get home and listen to your stories.
3) She will make you laugh when you’re feeling low and dejected.
4) She will keep you company when you get home late from work.
5) She can serve as your conscience; someone to tell you you’re going wayward or doing things wrong.
6) She can remain faithful till the end for as long as you don’t abuse her physically or emotionally, and for as long as you don’t give her any reason to leave you..
7) She can be your best friend for life.
8) She will protect your family and fight for your relationship.
9) She will light up your home, and your life.
10) She will stand by her man, through thick or thin.

Needless to say, it always “takes two to tango”, as the saying goes. The Filipino woman shouldn’t be the only one doing all to save a relationship. Her partner should also do his share to make the relationship work and last a lifetime. If you are a foreigner who desires to marry a Filipina, you must try harder as there are more barriers to break, such as communication, cultural and religious differences. But once you have broken through these barriers, you will realize that Filipino women generally make great partners and know how to treat a man.

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