What Do Filipino Women Look For in a Man?

Filipino women have varied tastes when it comes to men. If you think they all go for the “tall, dark, and handsome” guy, think again. For lots of Filipino women, it’s more important that their men have brains and good character. So, if you want to better your chances with a Filipino women, make sure you have some, if not all of these qualities:

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1) Smart. This does not mean you have to be bookish or geeky. You don’t even  have to be a genius to get a Filipino girl’s attention (although, so what if you are, right? That can work to your favor if you know how to play your cards right). But to a Filipino woman, it’s important that you have enough common sense. To her, that’s being smart.

2) Funny. Who doesn’t want a man who can make a woman laugh out loud? If you have what it takes to tickle her funny bones, you stand a great chance of winning her heart. But if being funny does not come naturally to you, don’t try too hard. That can be a huge turn-off. Well, of course it doesn’t mean, you can’t try to be funny at all. Some jokes can be learned, after all, but don’t sound as if you have copy-pasted your lines from somewhere. You have to deliver them spontaneously and naturally. For many Filipino women,guys who are funny are sexy.

3) Romantic. Yes, you have to show off your romantic side if you want to get serious with a Filipino woman. Some Filipino women love their men to be “fearless” when showing their love and affection, but others hate public displays of affection. Either way, you have to let your woman know that you think of her constantly. Now, this is where your creativity will show. You can send her love messages, surprise her with visits and little gifts, and so on.

4) Independent. Filipino women are not damsels in distress; nonetheless, they would certainly want their men to be independent, men who could stand on their own feet, men who could defend them, men who could be their partners in raising a family. It goes to say that men pursuing Filipino women must be financially stable and emotionally mature.

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5) Respectful. Respect is a virtue that’s highly regarded and desired in a country like the Philippines. Respect can be shown in different ways:

* addressing the elderly accordingly
* calling people by their names
* dressing appropriately
* not forcing your girl to do what only you want under the circumstances
* not saying mean things but instead criticisizing constructively
* not abusive of one’s own body (doesn’t drink or smoke excessively)
* does not hurt, physically and emotionally, his girl

6) Doesn’t gamble. Gambling can reduce one’s fortune in seconds. The gambler will not stop until all the family’s fortune is lost. Filipino women who think about their future will not want to go into a relationship with a gambler.

7) Family-oriented. Filipino women are by nature family-oriented. They value their family more than anything in the world. If you want a Filipina for a wife, you must not only learn to embrace and welcome her family (her parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and so on) but be ready also of the responsibilities that come with being a husband to her. You must make your family with her your priority. Spend quality time with her and your children with her. And always see to it that their needs (financial and otherwise) are met fully.

8) God-Fearing. Many Filipino women are raised as Catholics, hence they are God-fearing, and as such they would wish the men in their life to be God-fearing also. Even if you are not a Catholic, do show your respect to her religion while practicing your own faith.

So, do you think you have all these qualities that Filipino women look for in a man? Well, then, start looking for a Filipina woman who can give more meaning to your life.

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Effective Tips on How You Can Succeed in Online Dating

Online dating is perhaps one of the best things brought by the internet. It has changed the way people interact and view dating as a whole. Together with the popularity of online dating comes the sudden surge of dating sites. If you’ve been a member of these sites for almost a year now yet you still haven’t experienced desired results, then there must be something wrong. Save yourself from more frustration by checking out the following tips. These are the top 3 effective tips to help you succeed in online dating:

1. Commit

Your commitment can bring you a long way in online dating. In fact, this is one important factor that could determine the success or failure with online dating. If you’re saying that you’re a member of different dating sites yet still haven’t found a date, then it could probably because you aren’t committing yourself to these sites. In order to gain satisfying result, you must commit yourself to a few hours each day. And do not spend those hours reading other people’s profiles; go and message people whom you found interesting.

2. Deciding on a non-negotiable list

Nobody’s perfect but you must not let this imperfection in each of us hinder you from getting into relationship. One reason why many people stay single their entire life is because they have this delusion that there is that one person who fits in all of the description that they have for a dream guy/girl. Unless you wanted to be one of them, you must decide by now on which traits would you consider as absolutes and which of them can you easily forego.

3. Trying Niche Sites

The growing list of online dating sites makes it almost impossible for you not to find a date. If you think you can’t find him/her in general dating sites, why don’t you try niche sites? Compared to the typical dating sites, these niche sites are more specific so it could be easier for you to get a date if you sign up in a site with like-minded people. There are dating sites for a specific belief, diet or interest. Try signing up with a few of them and see how it can change your dating status.

These are just some of the tips to help you succeed in online dating. There are still a lot more that you should take into consideration. These include choosing the right dating site, making sure it suits your dating preference or needs, right timing, and having the right kind of attitude towards online dating itself.

Top 3 Online Dating Sites

The growing list of online dating sites is brought about by the popularity of online dating. Compared to traditional dating, online dating is more convenient and efficient, money and time wise. Thus, many people are more enticed to join online dating sites than to go on the typical, offline dating. If you are still clueless as to what site you should sign up with, here’s the list of the top 3 most recommended ones:

1. Match

Match is a dating site that has a large customer database, reaching to around 25 million. These members are from different parts of the world. Basic membership at Match is free but users can opt for an upgrade.

By choosing the premium membership, the user can be granted access to the site’s New Voyeur Guide and will receive expert advice from Style Director Jay Manuel. Other features of the site include the Total Attraction Matching System, e-mail tool, one and two-way searches, and MatchWords. Another good thing about this site is that if you can’t find a date within 6 months, you’ll be given 6 more months free of charge.

2. Friend Finder

Another dating site that has a growing number of followers is Friend Finder. With over 3 million members, it’s close to impossible not to find a date here. Just like Match, basic membership in Friend Finder is free of charge but they are also offering premium or paid membership.

Paying members of Friend Finder can view and contact all members, have advance search capabilities, get faster profile approvals, and their listings are faster than standard members. Those who choose the Gold membership will enjoy additional perks such as priority reviewing of profile and photos, advanced search capabilities, and full cupid email reports.

3. Lava Life

LavaLife has over 15 million of registered members with 8,000 new members daily. Just like Match and Friend Finder, its basic membership is free but additional perks are provided by becoming a premium or paying member. If the free version of other websites doesn’t allow members to gain full access of the site, then Lava Life is different.

A notable difference between Lava Life and other recommended dating sites is that even its non-paying members can view other members’ profile, post profile and other background pictures, participate in live video chat, create a hot list of other members, and instant message other members.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

With the popularity of online dating, it’s easy to be persuaded to join the crowd. However, before you shop around and sign up for an online dating site, you better read the following advantages and disadvantages of online dating.


1. Convenient

The change in lifestyle of the people these days make it harder for many to get into traditional/offline dating. Unlike conventional dating, online dating doesn’t require one to be in a specific place at a specific time.

When you sign up for an online dating site, you can check out other members’ profiles anytime you like without even minding how you look. You can do it while in your room, in your t-shirt or shorts or in your office while having your coffee break. This setup makes it more ideal for most people these days who don’t have the luxury of time to sit down with another person for the getting-to-know-you phase.

2. You are least likely to feel awkward

Despite the popularity of dating, many are still hesitant to get into one because of anxiety or awkwardness that comes with the though of meeting another person and trying to get to know him/her better. These feelings are almost non-existent with online dating.

Because two people only communicate through private messages and chat, it’s least likely for one or both parties to feel nervous with the presence of the other. In fact, one reason why many people are getting hooked to online dating is because it makes them at ease in its kind of dating setup.

3. Cost-efficient

Premium dating sites may require you to pay a certain amount but if you’re going to consider all the expense you have to deal with conventional dating, then you will realize that online dating is way cheaper than the latter.


1. Possibility of getting scammed

Many online dating sites especially the free ones don’t have the tool to check the veracity of the person’s information. Some people are taking advantage of this to sign up easily and scam people.

2. Lack of chemistry

One important factor in dating is determining whether you and the other person has this thing called ‘chemistry.’ Although online dating sites are coming up with ways to match you with another person which they think is compatible with your personality, these methods won’t be able to tell whether you and the other person has ‘chemistry’ as this is measured beyond your profile page and photos.

How To Behave In Online Dating

Online dating is fun and exciting way of finding your partner. Yes, people from all ages and backgrounds interact, share their ideas and views and become close to each other. These sites offer a great platform for someone who is single or looking for a wonderful person to add that spark in their life. While doing this over the internet, it gives you a chance of expressing yourself it also lets you find so many people you would like to take your relationship further.

When two people meet, there begins an internal chemistry, they form a bond and make their life beautiful. Today, in the age of fast internet, where people have all the gadgets such as phones, tablets or laptops to connect to the internet, a large amount of people are available all the time.

Reading trustworthy content can act as your secret guide to avoiding the development of any relationship problems. To attain satisfaction in any relationship, listening to your heart is very vital. Love is something which each and every party should readily enjoy since it is lovely in nature. Remember you are meeting someone you have never met before and if the early signs are not good, avoid the relationship as much as possible.

The first dating advice for women to know is that they should be totally submissive to their man. If the man is the head, then the woman is the heart then together they will become one. Even though this fact is biblical in nature, it is quite and handy if applied to avoid any relationship problems.

Courting on internet can be serious or casual, straight or gay, short term or long term, but all with a good purpose. A mutual interaction between two people can sometimes be so amazing that make an online dating a long lasting one. Here on online dating site you may search your matches depending upon your compatibility, some may believe in good looks with great personality and some may be interested in someone with good nature.

To be in a position of finding singles in the area you are interested in, most sites demand that a person open an account with the sites. By opening the account, you will have to choose a unique password and username in order to enjoy the offered services. Some sites always demand that users pay them some money so as to enjoy most of their services. Always read reviews and ask recommendations from friend to verify some of the provided information.

People love to have someone in their life that they can trust upon, having relationship while you are online gives you a chance to know a person as you start giving time to each other. Your match will not only be happy to get your attention but will also be available for long to chat with you. This makes a remarkable progress in relationship while courting over the internet.

A very good advantage of online dating is it is time efficient and convenient, you can search your match, by giving keywords while searching, and here you go. People matching your criteria come and you start having conversation. So love the great way of finding someone to date!