What Do Filipino Women Look For in a Man?

Filipino women have varied tastes when it comes to men. If you think they all go for the “tall, dark, and handsome” guy, think again. For lots of Filipino women, it’s more important that their men have brains and good character. So, if you want to better your chances with a Filipino women, make sure you have some, if not all of these qualities:

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1) Smart. This does not mean you have to be bookish or geeky. You don’t even  have to be a genius to get a Filipino girl’s attention (although, so what if you are, right? That can work to your favor if you know how to play your cards right). But to a Filipino woman, it’s important that you have enough common sense. To her, that’s being smart.

2) Funny. Who doesn’t want a man who can make a woman laugh out loud? If you have what it takes to tickle her funny bones, you stand a great chance of winning her heart. But if being funny does not come naturally to you, don’t try too hard. That can be a huge turn-off. Well, of course it doesn’t mean, you can’t try to be funny at all. Some jokes can be learned, after all, but don’t sound as if you have copy-pasted your lines from somewhere. You have to deliver them spontaneously and naturally. For many Filipino women,guys who are funny are sexy.

3) Romantic. Yes, you have to show off your romantic side if you want to get serious with a Filipino woman. Some Filipino women love their men to be “fearless” when showing their love and affection, but others hate public displays of affection. Either way, you have to let your woman know that you think of her constantly. Now, this is where your creativity will show. You can send her love messages, surprise her with visits and little gifts, and so on.

4) Independent. Filipino women are not damsels in distress; nonetheless, they would certainly want their men to be independent, men who could stand on their own feet, men who could defend them, men who could be their partners in raising a family. It goes to say that men pursuing Filipino women must be financially stable and emotionally mature.

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5) Respectful. Respect is a virtue that’s highly regarded and desired in a country like the Philippines. Respect can be shown in different ways:

* addressing the elderly accordingly
* calling people by their names
* dressing appropriately
* not forcing your girl to do what only you want under the circumstances
* not saying mean things but instead criticisizing constructively
* not abusive of one’s own body (doesn’t drink or smoke excessively)
* does not hurt, physically and emotionally, his girl

6) Doesn’t gamble. Gambling can reduce one’s fortune in seconds. The gambler will not stop until all the family’s fortune is lost. Filipino women who think about their future will not want to go into a relationship with a gambler.

7) Family-oriented. Filipino women are by nature family-oriented. They value their family more than anything in the world. If you want a Filipina for a wife, you must not only learn to embrace and welcome her family (her parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and so on) but be ready also of the responsibilities that come with being a husband to her. You must make your family with her your priority. Spend quality time with her and your children with her. And always see to it that their needs (financial and otherwise) are met fully.

8) God-Fearing. Many Filipino women are raised as Catholics, hence they are God-fearing, and as such they would wish the men in their life to be God-fearing also. Even if you are not a Catholic, do show your respect to her religion while practicing your own faith.

So, do you think you have all these qualities that Filipino women look for in a man? Well, then, start looking for a Filipina woman who can give more meaning to your life.

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What is the Filipino Culture for Dating and Courtship

Learn More About Filipino Dating and Courtship

Lots of people on the net have the same troublesome experiences when they simply want to learn more about something like dating Filipino women. Most do not consider the time to look deeper in the search results, and they often lose out on what they need. Avoid feeling like it is something that only happens to you since it is not. As a result of our own Filipino women research, this is what we can tell you. You will be in a greater position once you finish reading the following.

What is the Filipino culture for dating? Like most Asian, Filipinos are still conservative by nature. When you court a Filipina (usual term used for a Filipino woman), you need to court her entire family and her entire family consists of father, mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, and all other relatives who might be living in her house or within the neighborhood. Most Filipinas are obedient daughters, and whomever their families want for them, they can never refuse. If you are serious in wooing a Filipina, then the best way to do it is court her family first.

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During courtship, you need to show your good sides and try to win the favor of most family members most especially the grandma if she is still well enough to receive your presence. The mother comes next or in some situations, the father. The moment you have able to get the approval of the family, you can finally get to dating phase. There are modern Filipina women, but the traditional Filipinas are still the best and those are the ones that have chaperone during dates. A traditional Filipina is shy, gentle, sweet, and reserve. She is not some wild and lewd woman, but she can have claws from time to time when she needs to defend herself.

Dating a Filipina woman can be a refreshing change. During this phase, you will be able to know her pretty well to consider things – whether to leave her for another or continue pursuing her. Some families may demand something, but those were just whims and should not be considered as “extortion” (although you must beware because possibilities are still there). During dating phase, families might try to invite you to their family gatherings, and introduce you to other members of the clan. If such time arrived, then you could be sure that the family has already considered you for their daughter.

But hold in mind as it concerns Filipina women that you have to realize what you are doing. It is easier than you think to read a specific thing that looks good, but it can be outdated. Although we do believe most content writers have totally genuine goals when they write. There is much more available as you will discover in just a minute.