A Guide To Meeting Your Internet Partner

Permit me to set the scene. After traveling for miles and miles, you finally get to see your long distance lover. You decide to go to the cinema. You’ve chosen a good movie to watch. You’ve got the pop-corn. The lights start to dim and you both fall silent. Silly idea!

You may be lucky enough to get an entire weekend together, or maybe just a couple of hours. However long you are planning to visit your long distance sweetheart, choosing a date where you are both silent for the entire time is NOT a very good idea.

Instead try to select some activities that will get you chatting, touching and bonding. If you really think hard about it, I’m positive there are tons of great date ideas. Here are a few to start with.

The Aquarium

Drive about 20 minutes away from all the bright lights. Take a blanket and some warm chocolate. For the techies among you, there is a really cool iphone application called “Star Walk” where you are able to track all the stars in the sky. By doing things like these, it will give you both an excellent opportunity to talk about your future together and really grow your trust for each other.

Ice Skating

An outing to the rink can be great fun! As you skate around you will find your self grabbing your partners hands. You might fall over a few times if it’s your first time. But everyone falls now and then. Men, please remember to give your girl a hand while she gets back on her feet. And girls, please remember not to laugh too hard when you see your guy fall. This date can get very physical and pretty soon I’m sure you’ll be pretending to fall just so that you can grab onto them again.


It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, although it can if you like. Sometimes your lover will really enjoy you cooking food for them. No matter where you choose to have a dinner date, nothing is better than eating by candle light with a rose on the table. And gents, let me give you some advice. A woman just loves it when you cook for them. Pasta is a universal favorite. Remember spaghetti isn’t just for a couple of animated dogs to enjoy.


This is a fantastic date idea if you have an aquarium in your city or town. It will usually be pretty quiet during the afternoon and you will get to see some awesome marine life. You could sit there all day and chat with each other, learning cool things about the fish, and also learning more about your lover.

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Why Your Distance Relationship Is Failing

You will not find reasons for avoiding a long distance relationship in this article. You should know that long distance relationships can work and often do work. You just have to put in the time and effort for a successful outcome, and the benefits can be brilliant. Below I will describe the main reasons why a long distance relationship doesn’t work.

Lack of Communication

Some people have no knowledge of what it means to be in a committed long distance relationship. Many feel that it’s the opportunity to be free from the chains of their lover for a short time. While others think it’s an absolute catastrophe. You both will need to be aware that this might be more demanding than you think. But don’t be disheartened. As I said earlier, the results can be amazing.

Different Expectations

Assuming you’re lucky enough to be in the same country, or even the same state, as your partner then you might only have to buy a rail or bus pass to see them. However if your distance relationship is out of the country, remember to take into consideration the price of a flight that you will need to pay each time you meet up with your companion.

Lack of Interaction

The biggest reason why a lot of relationships start to go wrong, not to mention those involving long distance, is because couples have simply no plans for the long term. Prior to the departure, be sure that you know where the relationship is headed. This will likely save a lot of heartache along the line when you find that you don’t want to be married, when they tell you that they do.

Large Travel Expenses

Trust has a significant part in any relationship, but more so than ever for a distance relationship. Many have a false presumption that they could get up to anything they want when their loved one isn’t around. We highly advise against this belief. Participation in trust activities and asking relationship developing questions to get to know each other better will definitely help to develop a stable foundation of trust.

Not Enough Trust

Two opposites won’t attract if you both have totally different views on important factors of life. Take the opportunity before getting involved in the distance relationship to understand the views and opinions of your significant other. And don’t be too proud to change your own opinions to fit theirs.

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Valentine’s Day: Everything To Know

In modern context, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as an occasion when lovers express their love towards each other. It falls on Feb 14 in most and synchronizes with the day on which St. Valentine was martyred. In nations such as Brazil the Valentine’s Day celebration is celebrated on June 12th because of the saint of wedding, St. Anthony. The fondness for Valentines Day is gigantic and it’s noted as celebration in 1 or 2 nations including United States.

Valentine’s day is sometimes associated between couples as a day to show your love and feelings pertaining to any relationship which is vital. L overs exchange gifts, flowers, and cards while also entering into romantic dates to provoke the passion of their relationship. Flowers are traditionally the most popular presents for Valentine’s Day, but in recent years the advent of social media internet sites like Pinterest has given rise to more creative gifts. Among flowers, the rose is most populat to be presented as it is thought to be the most romantic. It is said that a red rose has talents to express love where as yellow rose and other flowers are talented for pure closeness.

This day is closely marked with mutual exchange of love notes or valentines between the lovers. Previously, handwritten love notes and love poems were exchanged, but later from 19th century onwards-mass scale production of Cards started. This development also lead to the exploitation of this far a sacred Valentines Day.

The primary symbols of Valentine’s Day are the heart formed outlines and the figures of winged Cupid. Numerous gift items flood the gift shops, as Valentines Day gets closer. Customised valentine cards, boxed candy, and stuffed animals are the most common. It is recommended to give something more thoughtful to your much loved one as these gifts are awfully universal and can often convey that no effort was put into the gift’s conception. This type of lackluster expression of your love can often have the reverse effect so make sure to individualize your gift for maximum romance.

Valentine’s Day is commonly believed to be more favored in women than men. A massive amount of information is circulated through varied mediums on unique Valentine day ideas and tips, party destinations, present shops, flower centres for example. Newspapers, TV channels and radio channels air programs and stories related to this day from weeks before the particular Valentine’s Day. From a week before 14th February, festivity of valentine week begins. Every day has different theme like 7th Rose Day, 8th Propose Day, 9th Chocolate Day, 10th Teddy Day, 11th Guarantee Day, 11th Kiss Day, 13th Hug Day and finally Valentines Day on 14th.

Lovers wait for Valentine’s Day impatiently. A lot of folks propose their sensations of love for the first time to their sweethearts on this day. Offers are taken in positive spirit on the part of proposed. At the very same time, outright refusals are avoided. Bask in this unique day with your truelove and create an amazing romance.

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Writing A Long Distance Love Letter

Writing a love letter is by far one of the greatest ways to express your feelings for your long distance partner. But what are the pros to writing a love letter?

There are lots of reasons to send a love letter. Firstly, receiving something in the mail (that isn’t junk mail) can be quite exciting, especially when they realise it’s from you. Another reason is to give them a tangible object to remind your sweetheart of you while you are apart. Many couples have kept their letters and read them back when they are missing each other. These words of comfort can truly mean the world to your partner in a time of sorrow.

Writing A Love Letter For Long Distance

If you are a talented writer and completely in touch with your feelings, writing a romantic letter should come very easy to you. However if you’re not that much of a romantic, here are some valuable suggestions.

Tell Them Why You Are Writing

You should tell them right away that it’s a love note. It may quite possibly scare your partner to get a letter with your name on it, and might make them think that there is a problem with the courtship. You should immediately tell them that you were feeling lonely and wanted to express your feelings in a note.

Make A List of Their Qualities That You Love

It could be their physical appearance. Or it could be the things that they’ve done for you. Make a list of everything about your partner that makes you love them. Then expand these things into sentences and make a paragraph. You may take something along the lines of, “I love your smile” and change it to, “Your smile can brighten the darkest clouds and make you stand out in a crowd.”

Tell Them About The Future

Be sure to add a few paragraphs expressing how your life has changed for the good since you started dating, and where you see the relationship taking you to in the future. Give your partner a pretty mental picture of what your life together will be like. This is sure to make them grow even fonder of you.

Reaffirm Your Commitment To The Relationship

Remind them how committed you are to them. Even if they have heard it a million times before, they will never grow tired of reading those words from you. Make sure you end with something along the lines of “No matter what comes our way, I will always love you.”

Sign and Put The Date On It

Place your signature at the bottom and remember to date it at the top. By dating your letter it will be a great way to track them in the future.

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Friend Zone Meme : How To Set Yourself Apart

It is natural for humans to crave love and affection. This is why many people struggle day and night to find their perfect partner. It can be very discouraging to be put in the friend zone meme by that special someone. Once this happens, there are no hopes of a romantic relationship with the person in question. Women are particularly known to friend zone men, although it also happens the other way around sometimes.

When a lady cannot see a man as more than a friend, it is usually as a result of something that the man has done or does on a regular basis. Men should strive to avoid these things, some of which will be mentioned here. This is the only way of ensuring that the romantic relationship has a chance of flourishing. What most men do not know is that women make up their minds on whether a particular man will be a peer or something more than that very quickly.

When a man has feelings for a woman and would like to get into a romantic relationship with her, he should make his intention known from the beginning. Many men make the mistake of not making this known to their potential partners. This makes the lady think that he only wants friendship from her. Once a woman cannot see a man as more than a peer, there is no way she will get into a romantic relationship with him, delay in making the romantic intentions known, drives the woman closer to seeing the man this way with each passing day.

Another common mistake men make while wooing a lady is that they end up replacing the female companions of the lady. Some activities are simply meant for these female companions. Gossiping about other men with the woman for example on a regular basis is bound to make the man appear as a friend.

This is not to say that the man should not talk about these friends. He should talk about them but not in depth as the women do with their friends. A man should also not always accompany the woman when she is going out to do female-oriented things such as shopping for her shoes, and so on. This is why the women have their friends.

The logic here is that the man should not assume any responsibilities of the female friends of his woman. While giving the woman enough attention on issues that matter to her, the man should strive to strike a balance between his role as the man and the role of her female companions.

It is not common for women to be friend-zoned by their men. The main reason that would make a woman end up as a mere peer is that she played hard to get for a long time.

Men are known to lose interest quickly and if the woman takes too long to give in to her feelings, she might wake up to a friend zone meme. It is a bit easier for women to avoid this situation than it is for men.

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